Revealed – New Ways To Save On Nordson Spares

Newly Updated Nordson Compatible Spares Catalogue launched.

We have expanded our popular range of Nordson compatible spares to include many new product lines.

In addition to popular spares like modules, guns and filters we now also supply new product lines, including 90 degree single and dual orifice nozzles.

All parts in are stock in the UK, and available for immediate delivery.

Using compatible spares reduces the total cost of equipment ownership, and compatible parts can often outlast original Nordson parts.

Find out how much money you save with compatible spares…

Nordson compatible hopper feederNordson compatible hopper feeder
The ITW Dynatec ADS1 Adhesive Delivery System automatically replenishes the amount of adhesive in Hot Melt Equipment as it is needed, drawing it from your bulk adhesive container. By combining a low level sensor and a positive pressure suction system the ADS1 creates an ‘on-demand’ set up that reduces waste and increases production efficiency. This Nordson compatible ASU (adhesive supply unit) solves the issue of operators struggling to keep Hot Melt units adequately filled, which also has added benefit of reducing repair costs.

The ITW Dyantec ADS1 Adhesive Delivery System easily integrates into your existing Hot Melt Adhesive Systems an automatically feeds adhesive units up to six metres vertically and thirty metres horizontally.

heated hoses
Expanded range of Nordson compatible hoses
Reliable and affordable alternative to buying Nordson branded heated hoses. Some hoses in our range are half the cost of Nordson originals. The range of compatible hoses we have is extensive, give us a call on 01327 700222 or email us to find out how much you can save.