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We offer quality solutions for all your industrial adhesive application needs including both hot melt and water-based coating/laminating, high-speed converting, case sealing and much more.

The Dynatec advantage leads to increased accuracy and adhesive savings. Universal Adhesive Systems can develop a custom solution if your project has unique requirements. Many of our competitors only provide ‘off the shelf’ systems, we will apply our engineering expertise to give you a bespoke system tailored to your exact needs.

Our equipment is renowned throughout industry for its accuracy and reliability. We pride ourselves on customer service and will support your equipment throughout its lifespan.

Hot Melt Adhesive Applications

Hot Melt Adhesive Application

Bead, Spray And Slot Die Hot Melt Adhesive Application Systems.

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Hot melt adhesive tanks

Hot Melt Adhesive Tanks

Hot Melt Adhesive melters, Including ITW Dynatec 'Melt-on-demand' Systems.

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hot melt adheisve parts and spares

Hot Melt Adhesive Parts and Spares

Spares For ITW Dynatec And Compatible Spares For Nordson And Robatech.

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Why Work With Universal Adhesive Systems?

Here are just some of the reasons why our customers choose to work with us:

Adhesive Savings
Our systems can provide significant savings in adhesive usage, often paying for themselves within a very short time frame.

ITW Dynatec systems can be modified to any purpose, we pride ourselves on turning an idea into a workable solution.

Increased Accuracy
Precision laydown of adhesive ITW Dynatec systems that can not be beaten.

Project Management
Liaison with all parties throughout the project from conception to completion.

ITW Dynatec systems are energy efficient and ultra reliable offering a low total cost of ownership.

Customer Support
We consider our relationship with all clients to be an ongoing and constantly evolving process.

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