Cold Glue

High performance cold glue application systems

Cold glue systems involve water based adhesives which are liquid at room temperature. Cold glues are pressurised in vessels and supplied to application heads via non-heated hoses. Heads and pumps can be controlled using our range of pattern controllers. Use of a controller such as our DY2008 will provide gear-to-line control of the delivery pump for accurate coatweights at variable line speeds. ITW Dynatec pattern controllers will also enable the user to achieve precise glue lines adjustable in millimetre increments. Cold glues are typically applied via non-contact spray or jet or alternatively by a contact nozzle or die.

Our cold glue systems are used in a variety of industries. They are particularly common in high speed envelope manufacture and can be found fitted to many Winkler and Dunnebier machines.

We sell and support the complete range of ITW Dynatec cold glue systems. We are able to service/repair your equipment on-site or at our repair facility. We also stock a range of cold glue spares here in the UK.


Cold Glue Pumps

Cold glue pump

Ultra-reliable delivery pumps for water based/cold glues

Low Pressure = pressure tank (max pressure 110 PSI / 7.5 bar).
Basic pressure tanks use compressed air to deliver adhesive to the applicator. The adhesive line pressure is equal to the air pressure supplied to the tank. A pressure tank is the simplest and most cost-effective solution for low-speed jetting and spray applications.

Common tank sizes are:

  • 1 gallon (3.8 litres)
  • 5 gallon (19 litres)
  • 10 gallon (38 litres)

An example of one such installation can be found in the food industry. A fine spray of cold glue is applied to the outer paper wrapper of a chocolate bar. This is then folded around to seal the final layer of packaging.

High Pressure = piston pump (max pressure 1000PSI / 72 bar)
Piston pumps amplify incoming air pressure to provide a greater adhesive line pressure. The ratio of incoming air to adhesive pressure is 1:12. The high pressure piston pump is suitable for high speed intermittent applications such as envelope manufacture. The piston pump simply drops on to your cold glue container.

The piston pump can be signalled using an E/P valve to regulate the incoming air. This enables one of our pattern controllers to accurately meter the volume of adhesive being applied.

Multiple application heads can be fed using one piston pump.


Cold Glue Application Heads

In addition to an extensive hot melt adhesive range of equipment ITW Dynatec also design and manufacture cold glue application equipment.

Cold glue application heads fall into two categories; electronic and pneumatic. For either type of application head the key to designing successful components has been a an obsessive eye on precision and efficiency.

For example; the ‘Dynacold’ cold glue applicator head has a cycle time of just two milliseconds. As with all Dynatec equipment the cold glue range is made to last – these heads are fitted with modular components and are fabricated from stainless steel.


Electronic Heads for Cold Glue Application

Cold Glue adhesive head

Electronic heads are suitable for high speed intermittent applications.

Dynacold F
Two millisecond cycle time, adhesive pressures to 600PSI (40 bar), fluid viscosities to 6000 centipoise.

The Dynacold F is a robust, stainless steel applicator which features modular components allowing for simplified maintenance. Its design and construction makes the Dynacold extremely resistant to corrosion and very easy to modify to your chosen application. The modular nozzle can be configured for contact and non-contact applications, nozzles are also available in multiple orifices

Dynacold Mini
100 million+ cycles between applicator rebuilds, two millisecond cycle time.

The Dynacold Mini is a smaller, lightweight version of the highly successful Dynacold applicator. It retains all of the features of its larger sibling while providing more flexible installation options. Ideally suited for installations with restricted space.


Pneumatic Heads for Cold Glue Application

Pneumatic Head for Cold Glue Application

Pneumatic heads are generally used in low pressure systems for slower applications requiring continual gluing or basic intermittent.

Our range of pneumatic heads use air to actuate the valve which permits adhesive to flow from the nozzle.

Uni C
Air-open/air-closed valve design for higher viscosity adhesives. Zero cavity needle/nozzles design resists adhesive build-up and curing at the nozzle tip

Air-open/spring-closed valve for lower viscosity adhesives. Zero cavity needle/nozzles design resists adhesive build-up and curing at the nozzle tip

Air-open/air-closed valve for non-contact spray. Flat or round spray patterns can be achieved depending on nozzle selection