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InvisiPac - Tank-free hot melt adhesive delivery for packaging

InvisiPac has been proven to:

  • Save energy by up to 30%

  • Reduce adhesive consumption by up to 50%

  • Hugely reduce maintenance time and machine downtime

  • Enhance operator safety by eliminating exposure to hot adhesive

  • Greatly reduce the environmental impact of the hot melt system

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Proven Technology

InvisiPac is a melt-on-demand tank-free adhesives system designed to improve productivity while eliminating adhesive char. The InvisiPac is ready to start work just ten minutes after being switched on, which is not just fast, but industry-leadingly fast. The fast startup time also reduces the energy consumption.


Trusted by Mondelez, Kellogg's and many, many more companies.

Mondelez were looking for adhesive application equipment to replace the aging equipment they had in thier facilities. The replacement equipment needed to be from a company who was innovating in the field of packaging adhesives.

In the above video, Phillippe Jorden of Mondelez explains that they were looking to invest in machinery that would give them more control, and also greatly increase safety for thier operators.

Mondelez packaging engineer Mauro Del Priore receiving a 'tip off' from one of his glue suppliers that Graco equipment consistently outperformed other equipment in the adhesive application industry. This reputation was comfrimed during trials, and when Maruo spoke to peers in other companies.

The investment in Graco InvisiPac has removed the need for operators to regaularly top up glue supplies - now operators 'top up' only once every few shifts.

Crucially, operators are no longer exposed to dangerous hot adhesives, because the glue is fed into the InvisiPac system some distance from the device, rather than directly into a heated hopper (as they would be fed on competitors' systems.

Designed to outperform every tank-fed and tankless adhesive system on the market.

The InvisiPac system reduces startup energy consumption and reduces adhesive usage by at least 30%. The InvisiPac also significantly reduces downtime by eliminating some of the issues associated with adhesive application, including charring, nozzle plugging and hose issues.

Because the InvisiPac keeps the adhesive at a consistent temperature and viscosity, the system is incredibly reliable. Temperature fluctuations and the formation of char are avoided by using a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) principle.

The InvisiPac applicator is fitted with an integrated filtering module; this eliminates the issues traditionally associated with hot melt adhesive applications, including plugged nozzles. This also ensures every bead of glue on every box is consistent.

The InvisiPac is compatible with Industry 4.0 systems, so you can track system performance in a way that works for you.

The InvisiPac makes hot melt adhesive use in packaging safe. Safety features remove dangerous hazards like toxic fumes, slippage and burning.

Operators using the InvisiPac have zero access to the molten adhesive. The adhesive is sucked from the container and delivered to the melter automatically, triggered by a signal from the melter. All done without operator intervention.


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