Hot Melt Adhesive Equipment


Low Volume Adhesive Melters

Our range of hot melt tanks starts from 5KG, the following melters have hopper capacities up to 90KG.


Dynamelt Simplicity

Dynamelt Simplicity Adhesive supply melter

The Dynamelt Simplicity is easier to use, easier to install and simpler to maintain than any other hot melt adhesive supply unit on the market. In an efficient and profitable production environment the Dynamelt Simplicity is the smart choice.

Easy to use V6 control system with clear, easy to read display

Only melts the amount of adhesive required, thanks to Patented ‘Melt-On-Demand’ technology. Reduces waste and increases productivity

The Dynamelt Simplicity is designed to ensure less nozzle clogging. This means less maintenance downtime and more productivity

The Dynamelt Simplicity has been designed to take innovation, technology and (most importantly) productivity to the next level. The modular design means this is an adhesive melter that is incredibly simple to install, operate and maintain. The Simplicity is a compact unit and featured a HMI and hopper lid swivel for flexible configurations. The Simplicity features a small internal reservoir and auto-feeding system that makes this machine a profitable rival to ‘tankless’ systems.

Dynamelt Simplicity Features

  • “Turn it on and walk away” convenience
  • Vertically integrated pump with easy-spin pump filter
  • Easy-to-operate single board control eliminates the
  • need for extensive training
  • Melt-On-Demand technology eliminates charring and
  • reduces maintenance
  • Dual piston pump capabilities (16 kg unit only)
  • All-in-one filter/regulator with integrated pre-filter and
  • coalescing filter

Dynamelt Simplicity Options

  • 4 kg, 8 kg, 16 kg tank sizes
  • 400 VAC or 480 VAC w/o neutral transformers
  • Low-Level sensor
  • Pre-filter gauges cue filter change or clogged nozzles
  • Dynafill auto feed capable
  • Accommodates as many as six hoses
  • Available pre-melt grid for increased melt rate


ITW Dynatec S Series Bead Adhesive Supply Units / Melters

ITW Dynatec S Series Bead Adhesive Supply Units / Melter

The S Series opens up a greater range of hopper sizes and pump configurations. It also features more in-depth electronics for end user customisation. The S Series is more advanced than the Dynamini but equal in terms of reliability – still a great choice for the packaging market.

ITW Dynatec S Series Features:

  • MELT-ON-DEMAND Hopper Grid extends adhesive life and performance
  • 7 year Melt-On-Demand hopper warranty
  • Self-diagnostic DYNACONTROL™ P.I.D. Digital Temperature Controller with platinum sensor accuracy
  • Four hopper sizes fitted with either piston or gear pump
  • Hopper grid melts only the adhesive that is demanded by the application, virtually eliminating char

The Next Generation S Series is available in 5 and 10KG hopper sizes at present, larger hopper sizes will come with our Version 5 electronics.New-S-Series-2-300x290

All S Series hot melt tanks are capable of being fitted with 1-6 hoses and heads. There are also a wide range of additional accessories that can be ordered with your S Series tank, please contact us for further details.

Our hoppers come with ITW Dynatec’s patented melt-on-demand technology. This ensures only the correct amount of adhesive is fully molten, preventing char and degradation of the adhesive.

ITW Dynatec S Series Technical Specifications

  • 10-100 lb adhesive hopper capacity
  • 23-90 lb/hr melt rate
  • 2, 4, or 6 heated hot melt hose outputs
  • Available with gear or piston pump


D Unit

D Unit is a multiple drive adhesive supply unit

The D Unit is a multiple drive adhesive supply unit. This means that the melt tank can feed two or more independent gear pumps capable of delivering adhesive flow to separate parts of a hot melt system. Gear pumps can be specified to suit your particular requirements, with a wide variety of pumps available to deliver the exact amount of adhesive to your applicator.

Our D Unit hot melt tank is available in four hopper sizes and with a choice of dual or single gear pumps. The ASU uses a microprocessor temperature control to closely control the temperature of hot melt adhesive for up to 8 hose standard and precision metered outputs.

D Unit Features

  • Up to four drives / four gear pumps permit up to 8 metered outputs
  • Standard or precision metered outputs are available
  • User-friendly push icon-driven controls with multi-lingual display
  • Dynacontrol™ P.I.D. digital temperature controller with platinum sensor accuracy
  • 9 combinations of hopper sizes and melt rate selections

D Unit Technical Specifications

  • 50-90 lb adhesive hopper capacity
  • 50-130 lb/hr melt rate
  • 1-6 heated hot melt hose outputs
  • Available with gear pump


PUR Bag Melter

PUR Bag Melter

The DynaMelt PUR provides gentle melting of reactive adhesives in either 2Kg or 20Kg metalized Mylar bags: Designed to meet the unique needs of melting PUR hot melt adhesives ensuring a clean operation with virtually no adhesive residue waste.

PUR Bag Melter Technical Specifications

  • PUR hotmelt does not require unpacking, it is simply melted out of its bag packaging
  • Gentle melting of PUR hotmelts with no metallic packaging
  • Gear pumps can accommodate any adhesive viscosity



High Volume Adhesive Melters

Melt-on-demand capable high-volume hot melt adhesive supply units, fitted as standard with the patented ITW Dynatec ‘no-char’ system.

This range of computer-controlled hot melt adhesive supply controllers proportionately controls the temperature of the adhesives, hoses and applicators (including programmable sequential heating delays) to ensure minimum wastage, maximum availability and most important of all; ultimate productivity.


M Series – High Volume Adhesive Supply Tank

M Series – High Volume Adhesive Supply Tank

Melt-On-Demand Hopper Capacities From 35KG – 280KG & Up To 8 Precision Gear Pumps.

The Dynamelt M Series hot melt adhesive supply units (ASU) are computer-controlled hot-melt supply units designed on metric standards. Their control panels provide comparative data of all set points, motors and system parameters on a few convenient, comprehensive display screens.

M Series Key Features:

  • Up to 4 separate adjustable melting stages
  • Melts only the adhesive demanded for the application, virtually eliminating char
  • Four hopper sizes available in single and dual configurations
  • Additional melt grids can be added to meet additional adhesive volume requirements
  • Durable precision gear pumps

The Dynamelt/DynaControl system provides accurate, proportionate temperature control for the hopper, hoses and applicators. Sequential heating delays may be programmed for turn-on of the hose and heads.

With these flexible temperature programming features, the Dynamelt system increases adhesive life by eliminating prolonged high adhesive temperatures. It reduces energy consumption and brings the system up to normal operating temperatures in the shortest possible time.

Hot-Melt Adhesive Melting System

  • First-in First-out melting process
  • Adhesive degradation is virtually eliminated
  • Adhesive charring is virtually eliminated
  • Smoke/fumes are virtually eliminated
  • Extends adhesive life and performance
  • 7 year Melt-On-Demand grid warranty
  • Additional melt grids can be added upon request
  • Durable precision gear pumps


LC Series – Higher Volume Adhesive Supply Tank

LC Series – Higher volume adhesive supply tank

Large capacity Hot Melt Adhesive Supply

Hot Melt Adhesive supply unit (ASU) is dictated by two key factors: melt rate and pump rate. ITW Dynatec has focussed on both of these factors when developing the Dynamelt LC series, resulting in a hot melt adhesive supply unit capable of consistently reliable output. The LC series ASU is a large capacity adhesive supply tank with a sophisticated ‘multiple stage’ melt-on-demand system.

Largest internal surface area of any melter in its class.
Consistent high-volume hot melt adhesive output is dictated by two factors: the amount surface area within the tank and the wattage of the melter. The ITW Dynatec LC Series has a larger internal surface area in relation to wattage than any other melter of this size and class.

Efficient melting for reduced waste.
Unlike some competitive equipment the LG Series only melts the amount of adhesive required for the job in hand. ITW Dynatec’s patented melt-on-demand system uses multiple vertical unheated hoppers, these hoppers only melt the adhesive needed for your application. By ensuring un-needed adhesive is kept at a lower temperature (sometimes even solid) the LG Series greatly reduces waste while ensuring that your application has the adhesive it needs, when it needs it. By only melting the adhesive you require the LG Series can start work fast, with precisely controlled viscosity, lower energy usage and reduced fumes.

The Dynamelt™ LC Series key features:

  • Multiple temperature control zones
  • Anodized hopper, impregnated with Teflon
  • Superior melt rate facilitated by multiple melter grid rows
  • Maximum pump output rate of 900kg per hour
  • Allen-Bradley controls
  • Variable pump sizes
  • Optional 7-day scheduler


GC Series – Highest Volume Adhesive Supply Tank

GC Series – Highest Volume Adhesive Supply Tank

The Dynamelt™ GC Series (3160) adhesive supply unit is the largest capacity melter in the ITW Dynatec family, offering maximum adhesive output.

Managed by Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLCs and controlled by colour touchscreen HMIs the GC series is simple to operate and reliably efficient in any production environment. Load Cells provide instant feedback to the controls system, ensuring maximum accuracy in all aspects of the melting and supply processes.

Hot Melt Adhesive safety, and increased efficiency
The ITW Dynatec Dyanamet GC series is fitted with sophisticated back-up safety and alarm systems, almost entirely eradicating charring of adhesives and polymers. Combined with the patented melt-on-demand grid melting system the Dynamelt hot melt adhesive supply unit (ASU) starts all jobs swiftly and safely.

The adhesive melting grid configuration in the Dynamelt GC series saves money by melting the correct amount of adhesive needed for your application, rather than melting the entire tank of adhesive. This innovative system greatly reduces wasted adhesive; heating zones within the melter are so precise that (if required) portions of adhesive can be maintained at low temperatures while other zones are heated to the required melting temperature. This system gives the GC series a very short ‘warm up’ time, this is a bulk adhesive melting and supply system that can effortlessly react to a swiftly changing production environment.

GC Series Technical Specifications

  • Hopper capacity - 680kg
  • Operating temperature - 93° to 232°C
  • Melt rate (per hour)* - 635kg per hour
  • Control system - Allen-Bradley ControlLogix® w/ Panelview 1000+ Color HMI
  • Number of pumps - 1 to 4
  • Available pump sizes** - Each pump up to 93cc
  • Pump pressure release - Normal range 0 to 1,000 psi (0 to 70 bar)
  • Electrical requirements - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 ph, 120 amp 130,000+ watts heating
  • Height - 271cm
  • Depth - 203cm
  • Width - 187cm

*Melt rates vary with adhesive type and form.
**May vary with specific gravity.


Bulk Adhesive Melters

ITW Dynatec bulk adhesive melters are used for high-demand production environments that demand a flow of hot melt adhesive that is uninterrupted and has high-availability built into the system from the ground up.

These are large capacity constant availability adhesive supply tanks for intensive high-volume manufacturing. Bulk adhesive melt tanks are designed to accept entire drums of adhesive and safely, productively and effectively ‘stage’ glue so it is available as needed, when needed, where needed.

DM55 Dynadrum – Bulk Adhesive Melter

DM55 Dynadrum – Bulk Adhesive Melter

The DM55 drum unloader – provides uninterrupted flow of hot melt adhesive for high volume production demands.

DM55 Dynadrum Features

  • Unique platen design provides excellent platen force, melt rates and adhesive transfer
  • Standard clamshell mechanism effectively secures fiber or steel drums
  • Compact footprint provides flexibility and ease of installation
  • Multiple platen seals for increased protection
  • Additional options available to meet your specific need

Convert-A-Drum – Bulk Adhesive Melter

Convert-A-Drum – Bulk Adhesive Melter

Convert-A-Drum delivers an uninterrupted, metered flow of hot melt adhesive.

Convert-A-Drum Features

  • 5 stage melt-on-demand system
  • Allen Bradley SLC-504 control package
  • Up to 6 gear-pumps with 1hp AC brushless motors
  • Pump pressure relief system
  • No drum change downtime
  • 800lb Teflon hard anodized hopper
  • Dual basket type filtration
  • Standard 30cc per revolution gear pump
  • Up to 425 lb/hr delivery of hot melt PSA


Pattern Controllers

Pattern controls for hot melt adhesiveITW Dynatec pattern controller

The mainstays of our pattern controller range are the DY2002 and DY2008. The DY2002 is a 2 channel controller ideal for smaller systems such as packaging lines. The DY2008 is available in a range of configurations from 4-16 channels making it ideal for complicated gluing patterns such as those used on printing presses.

Both controllers are available with accessories and wiring to suit your particular application.

In addition to the DY2002 and DY2008 we are able to build custom controllers to your specification.


ADS1 – Bulk Adhesive Delivery Systems

ADS1 – Bulk Adhesive Delivery System

The ITW Dynatec ADS1 adhesive delivery system automatically replenishes hot melt units. Adhesive is automatically maintained at the desired level in your hot melt equipment, triggered by a low level indicator that activates positive pressure suction from the source container.

ADS1 Adhesive Delivery System advantages:

  • Virtually eliminates system contamination
  • Automates filling of your hot melt unit
  • Eradicates nozzle plugging
  • Removes the need for an operator to be present in the hot melt supply unit area
  • Reliable on-demand greatly reduces the risk of ‘thermal shock’ in the hot melt system

Hot melt adhesive supply units (ASUs) traditionally require frequent re-filling. If an operator fails to keep the hot melt unit adequately filled then the supply will likely be disrupted. The end result is production downtime while your employees wait for the adhesive hopper to return to setpoint.

Installation of a HF Hopper feeder system reduces all of the above problems. The result is lower repair costs and higher production rates.

The ADS1 DynaFill™ utilizes an air venturi-activated suction to pick up the solid hot melt adhesive from a bulk container and convey it by air pressure to the hopper.

ADS1 – Bulk Adhesive Delivery Systems Features

  • Easily integrated into most standard ITW Dynatec and competitive hot melt units.
  • Minimises adhesive contamination for increased uptime.
  • On-Demand adhesive replenishment saves operator time and prevents thermal shock to the adhesive.
  • Automatically feeds hot melt units up to 20 feet vertically and 100 feet horizontally