Heated Hoses

Hot melt adhesive supply hoses are electrically-heated, flexible conduits designed for the transfer of hot-melt material from an adhesive supply unit (ASU) to an applicator (head or handgun). Our hot melt hoses work with a wide variety of hot melt adhesive machines.

ITW Dynatec DynaFlex Heated Hoses

heated hose

The DynaFlex hose is the standard ITW Dynatec heated hose for use with hot melt adhesive systems.

The DynaFlex comes in a variety of lengths to suit your particular installation. Further variations are available including an abrasion resistant hose for use in environments requiring additional protection from mechanical damage.

The ITW range also includes swirl hoses which are typically used in conjunction with a swirl handgun to produce an open spray pattern.

We also stock a full range of adaptors, supporting straps and fittings for use with heated hoses.


Custom Heated Hoses

Custom hoses are available on request. We are able to provide a heated hose suited to your exact application.

We can manufacture a hose to your individual specification – it is possible for us to accommodate different internal bores, sensor and connector types. Universal Adhesives Systems offer extremely competitive replacement heated hoses for all leading hot melt adhesive manufacturers.