Spray Adhesive Application

Spray application provides a non-contact solution, our product range incorporates options for either intermittent or continuous lay down of adhesive. High accuracy coatweights and high line speeds can be accommodated.


ITW Dynatec's Fiberized adhesive spray is the most advanced technology available for hot melt adhesive applicators. Innovative products such as UFD, DeltaFx and the Helix Rotary Spray head provide solutions to accomodate a wide range of manufacturing requirements.


AutoSupply Adhesive Pump Station

AutoSupply Adhesive Pump Station

The ITW Dynatec AutoSupply is a compact pump station specifically designed for industrial robot applications.

AutoSupply allows an excellent volumetric flow control at the point of application. This enables the application of incredibly precise glue volumes on each position on the carrier. This precision can be achieved regardless of external parameter changes like robot speed. This ensures a perfect bond strength every time, on every selected part of the product you are applying adhesive to.

AutoSupply is lightweight. This means that AutoSupply is very easy to mount on industrial robots. This ease of installation ensures the ability to follow variable robot speed perfectly.

Exact glue amount on each position on the carrier, independent of parameter changes like robot speed.

Modular Design
The modular design allows an easy interchange between a variety of different gear pumps and applicators allowing a flexible adaption to various application needs and reduced capital investment.

The AutoSupplyTM is a compact pump station optimised for Automotive décor lamination. The combination of the pump station with an ufd spray head and Autoelite nozzles functions as a gear driven applicator providing the ideal solution for perfect adhesive patterns without any read-through effects. its reliable performance ensures reproducible application accuracy and high end-product quality.

ITW Dynatec AutoSupply Features

  • Volumetric flow control at the point of application
  • Fully automated process controlled by Siemens profinet for highest process stability, accuracy and efficiency.
  • Modular design ensuring fast and flexible adaption to various application needs.
  • Weight-optimised for easy mounting on industrial robots.


UFD AutoElite

UFD AutoElite

Premium, high-Performance nozzle technology with imProved sprayability of higher viscosity adhesives and excellent Pattern consistency, optimised for automotive decor and Profile laminations using PUR adhesives.

Perfect adhesive distribution within the nozzle resulting in less plugging and increased nozzle lifetime

Homogenous spray pattern with good start and stop performance and perfect edge definition eliminating read-through effects

ITW Dynatec’s ufd® AutoElite nozzle series is optimised for high-flow Pur spray application inside the automotive décor lamination. Available in single or dual row design AutoElite shows a perfect homogenous and dense spray pattern with distinct start and stop performance and good side edge definition.

The dual row version of AutoElite is the ideal solution for applications that are running at parameters like, viscosity, flow rate and robot speed, in the upper operating window. The total flat orifice design and non-protruding clamping plates allow easy cleaning and prevent plugging; resulting in increased on-time and improved nozzle lifetime. The homogenous distribution across the nozzle ensures a high fluid velocity and optimises the adhesive flow for a wide range of higher viscosity adhesives such as polyolefins, aPaos and reactive hot melts (Pur).

UFD AutoElite Features

  • Adhesive flow optimisation with computational fluid dynamics (cfd) modelling
  • Optimised spray pattern for automotive décor lamination
  • Eliminating read-through effects
  • Better consistency and high-quality of end-product
  • Robust internal plate design to better withstand handling and maintenance
  • Easy cleaning due to a total flat orifice design
  • Increased line on-time when using Pur adhesives due to reduced nozzle plugging


BFS – Spiral Spray

BFS – Spiral Spray adhesive applicator

The BFS head is a variation on the standard BF body which incorporates heated air to provide an alternative pattern to the standard bead or jet of adhesive. The specialised nozzles used on the BFS create a spiral spray of adhesive whilst maintaining separation between air and glue.

Different orifice nozzles can be fitted to the BFS to create varying widths and adhesive coatweights.


Delta FX – Random Spray

Delta FX – Random Spray

The Delta Fx™ is a non-contact applicator capable of spraying adhesive onto undulating substrates.


  • Full surface covering
  • Homogenuous pattern
  • Quick change of pattern width
  • Easy system setup
  • Low quantity of nozzles needed
  • No need for blind modules / blind nozzles / partial nozzles
  • No need for different pump sizes


  • Low cost laminations
  • Low demanding technical textiles
  • Insulation material
  • Foam lamination


UFD – Fiberized Spray

UFD – Fiberized Spray

The UFD family of hot melt applicators uses ITW Dynatec’s patented Uniform Fiber Deposition and Lamiated Plate Technology (UFD/LPT) to provide between 20 and 60% adhesive savings over spiral spray or melt-blown techniques due to larger, more controlled adhesive filament.

UFD™ fiberized spray technology from ITW Dynatec is also less expensive in the long run over conventional coating and laminating techniques.

UFD – Fiberized Spray Features

  • The High Speed UFD head can be configured to achieve complex adhesive patterning at extremely high speeds.
  • The High Speed UFD head is extremely versatile; it can also be operated in continual mode to provide an all-over coating of adhesive for lamination.
  • It is is also possible to set the High Speed UFD head to fire jets of adhesive to form individual lines or beads of hot melt.


Delta FX Fiberised Spray System

Delta FX Fiberised Spray System

DeltaFx™ fiberized spray applicators provide exceptional value and flexibility for wide adhesive lamination. Using the ITW Dynatec patented Laminate Plate Technology, DeltaFx™ provides an easy-to-use and maintain Non-Contact Application System.