Slot Die Adhesive Application

Application of hot melt via a slot die is one of our special areas of expertise.

ITW Dynatec offer a comprehensive range of dies allowing coating widths from 1mm – 2 metres. A typical system would consist of an S Series melt tank, one or more heated hoses and a die. We are able to supply air actuated or motorised dies which will automate your process and allow you to alter the angle and approach position of the die. Precision coatweights are achieved via gear-to-line control of the melt tank pump.

Adhesive can be applied in continual lines or intermittent patches depending on the end user.


Apex – Intermittent Application Adhesive Slot Die

Apex – Intermittent Application Adhesive Slot Die

The Apex is a high speed intermittent die capable of applying clean patches of adhesive.

The ‘suckback’ modules mean no adhesive is applied to the substrate the moment the die is turned off. This type of die is typically used on printing or label presses in conjunction with our DY2008 controller. The die is available in a range of different widths to suit your particular requirements. Standard Apex dies are available in widths up to 500mm, custom builds are available on request to achieve wider coating widths.

The self-cleaning die lip permits the use of a variety of adhesive viscosities and offers a significant advantage to the operator when it comes to maintaining a clean substrate and application head. Please see the image (right) for a basic example of the type of pattern achievable with an Apex.

Once the maximum coating width for your project has been specified we are able to supply a range of laser cut shims for use with the Apex die. This will allow coating widths below your maximum to be achieved with a simple change of shim.

The two port Apex will coat to a maximum of 150mm whilst the five port Apex is suitable for widths up to 270mm.

Apex – Intermittent Application Technical Specifications

Maximum on/off cycle speed - 10,000 cycles per minute
Application width - up to 500 mm / 19.6 in.
Adhesive viscosity - 100 cps min / 20,000 cps max
Maximum operating temperature - 200°C / 390°F
Pneumatic pressure - 74 psi (5 bar) min / 125 psi (9 bar) max
Adhesive pressure - 100 psi (7 bar) min / 1,000 psi (68 bar) max
Service requirements - 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase with 24 VDC control voltage (custom configurations available)


Equity – Continuous Application Adhesive Slot Die

Equity – Continuous Application Adhesive Slot Die

The Equity C applies a continual all-over coating of adhesive with a high level of accuracy across the web.

Depending on the configuration selected it is possible to coat from 100mm-1000mm.

Our easy-cut shims are designed to save you money with the ability to cut to size without special tools. A choice of separate glue inputs for each modular section or one common glue input for the entire applicator provides flexibility.

Equity – Continuous Application Technical Specifications

  • Mounting - M8 screws with insulators
  • Application width in 50mm increments - 100mm to 900mm (4-36 in.)
  • Body construction - coated aluminum
  • Slot die construction - D2 hardened steel
  • Solenoid - tube mounted
  • Filtration - filter manifold optional
  • Operating temperature range - 38 C to 200 C (100 F to 390 F)
  • Warm-up time - 20 minutes for cold start / 1 minute for module change only
  • Adhesive viscocity - 100 to 40,000 mPa (100 to 40,000 centipoise)
  • Adhesive pressure range - 7 bar (100 psi) to 68 bar (1000 psi)
  • Air pressure range - 5 to 9 bar (74 to 125 psi)
  • Supply voltage - 200-240 VAC/ 1p/ 50-60 Hz with 24 VDC control voltage
  • Control zones - as specified, 2400W maximum depending on temperature control unit


CrossCoat – Non Contact Adhesive Application Slot Die

CrossCoat – Non Contact Adhesive Application Slot Die

The CrossCoat extrusion slot applicator is a non-contact, metered slot applicator that produces a precise flow of adhesive for coating applications that require streak-free results.

Advantages of CrossCoat technology:

  • Cross-web distribution accuracies to ±3%
  • Ideal for heat sensitive materials
  • Coat weights as low as 1gsm
  • Coat weight and width changes during production
  • Consistent coating on irregular surfaces
  • Streak-free finish
  • Non-contact application encapsulates surface contaminants instead of trapping them between the die lip and substrate, producing consistent coating performance while minimising waste.


Universal Hot Melt Coating Station

Universal Hot Melt Coating Station

The Universal Hot Melt Coating Station offers a fully automated coating solution for in-line application of adhesive.

The coating station incorporates a touchscreen HMI for simple operation. It is possible to recall settings for different jobs using the advanced recipe system.

The motorised die can be positioned for optimum laydown of adhesive. By controlling the die and the speed of adhesive delivery it is possible to achieve extremely accurate coatweights. Our coating station can be retrofitted to most printing and label presses by our team of engineers.

The Universal die is capable of providing high accuracy continual coating with full distribution across the web. Alternatively we are able to configure the Universal die to lay adhesive down in multiple lanes.

For narrow web coating the Universal Hot Melt Coating Station offers extremely high levels of performance at a very competitive price. We can create a truly bespoke system and would be delighted to hear from customers with challenging projects.

Hot Melt Coating Station specifications

Coating width

  • 330mm (12")
  • 420mm (16")
  • 620mm (24")

Coating types

  • Direct
  • Proximity
  • Cross-web patching


  • 230kg

Control for coating gap and angle

  • Precision motorised control

User interface

  • Touchscreen