Bead Adhesive Application

Bead application entails jetting a line of hot melt adhesive onto a product. Our bead applicators are frequently used in the packaging industry. A typical application would be the construction of cardboard boxes which utilise multiple beads of adhesive to bond the seams of the box.

The width of the bead depends on a number of factors, the most critical being the nozzle type. We are able to change the length of the bead using our advanced pattern controllers.

A typical system consists of a melt tank such as a Dynamini, heated hose and a handgun or BF head.

We stock a full range of spares and alternative nozzles to suit your individual requirements.

Bead Adhesive Handguns and Heads

BF Mod-Plus Marathon™ – Auto Adhesive Applicator

BF Mod-Plus Marathon – Auto Adhesive Applicator

The BF Marathon is the most popular of our automated applicators. Renowned for it’s reliability and affordability the BF Marathon block is also highly customisable.

ITW Dynatec’s BF Series Mod-Plus Marathon™ applicator head is an air-operated, single or multi-nozzle hot melt adhesive applicator assembly with an integrated filter cartridge which prevents particulate matter from obstructing flow through the head. The Marathon’s™ screw-on nozzle seat allows fast and easy change of nozzles, and the optional stroke adjustment allows for fine-tuning of adhesive flow from module to module on large lines.

BF Mod-Plus Marathon™ Technical Specification:

  • CE Mark: Yes
  • Mounting: 1/2″ rod mount
  • Construction Material: Anodized AI./Stainless Steel
  • Temperature Range:38°C – 218°C (100°F – 425°F)
  • Cycle Rate: Up to 5,000 cycles per/min*
  • Adhesive Pressure: 68 bar max. (1000psi)
  • Air Pressure Range: 4.8 – 9.5 bar (70-140 psi)
  • Supply Voltage: 120 or 240 VAC 1 Phase 50/60 Hz

*Maximum cycle rate vary depending upon head configuration and application specifics


BF Micro™ – Auto Adhesive Applicator

BF Micro – Auto Adhesive Applicator

For automated processes the BF Micro is a low profile application head capable of fitting into tight spaces. On account of it’s size the BF Micro head is particularly suitable for attaching to robotic arms.

The BF micro is available in single and dual port variants as standard. We are able to provide custom blocks with multiple ports on request. We stock a range of nozzles that allow us to create a solution for any application. We can supply nozzles with different outlet sizes and multiple orifices to accommodate your individual needs.

It is possible to fire all of our BF heads using either of our standard controllers. The DY2002 will enable precision control of up to 2 channels, whilst the DY2008 opens a wider range of channels from 4-16.


DGII™ Hand Applicator – Manual Adhesive Applicator Gun

DGI Hand Applicator – Manual Adhesive Applicator Gun

The DGII handgun is a robust trigger operated manual application system. Ideal for erecting boxes and cartons by hand.

The DGII is designed for flexibility connecting to the adhesive supply hose through either a ball swivel fitting or an axial rotation (rotary) fitting. Adhesive output may be oriented for straight or right angle application with a variety of bead and spiral spray nozzles available. The DGII applicator can be fitted for a two- or four-fingered trigger and set up for bottom-entry or top-entry hose connection.

DGII™ Hand Applicator overview:

  • Rotary or ball swivel with top or bottom hose connection
  • Ergonomic handle with a clear sight line to the nozzle tip
  • Easy to change cartridge-style heater and sensor
  • Two or four finger trigger with built-in trigger lock
  • Straight or right angle nozzle adapter
  • Bead or swirl applications.