New Developments On Hot Melt Coating Station

February 2014 Product Focus

We’ve been listening to feedback from our customers regarding our ever-popular Hot Melt Coating Stations. As a result we are now offering updated software including the following functions:

Multi-Language Support – Toggle between languages whilst in production. Operators of different nationalities will have little trouble using our intuitive software

Flexible Encoder Mounting – Need to mount your encoder on a shaft which does not hinder the webpath? We can offer a range of different solutions to minimise interference to your process

Auto Stop Core Monitoring – Many customers need the adhesive coating process to stop when their cores run down to a certain level. We can now fully integrate this function within the hot melt coating station. The gluing process stops before you run out of substrateCapture


Screenshot illustrates login screen whereby users can select different levels of access. Enabling the end-user to lock down areas of the software according to the operator’s level of expertise.

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