Hot Melt Packaging Solutions

At Universal Adhesive Systems we offer a number of ways in which we can help customers with expensive and under-performing hot melt systems fitted to their packaging lines.

  • Save money on your consumable spares with our economy range of parts
  • Upgrade old hot melt tanks to our char free Melt-On-Demand technology
  • Retrofit automatic feed systems to ensure tanks never run dry
  • No more lazy springs – move to our air open air and spring close technology for precise application with clean adhesive cut off
  • Eliminate dribbling nozzles with advanced zero cavity modules

Example installation pictured replacing old Nordson® H200 guns with ITW Dynatec BF Micro System.

  • 3.5 Millisecond On/Off Cycle Time
  • Air Open/Air And Spring Close
  • Integrated Filter
  • Low Profile Design For Ease Of Installation