Hot Melt Adhesive Flexible Packaging Solutions

Through our partnership with ITW Dynatec we are able to offer a variety of tailored solutions for the packaging market. High performance and low total cost of ownership are two of the best reasons to purchase ITW Dynatec equipment.

Pictured right is a BF Micro application head mounted horizontally to jet a small dot of adhesive onto a clear bag used to seal food goods. The brief here was for a cost-effective low profile jetting head capable of producing small accurate dots. The final system comprised a Dynamini piston pump hot melt tank, two heated hoses and two BF Micro heads.

Below left is an example of a BFC application head common in the flexible packaging market. This produces a continual strip of adhesive used to seal a large bag. This particular head can be configured in a number of different widths to suit your process. The BFC is also typically used in conjunction with a silicon paper laminate which is removed by the end user to expose the hot melt adhesive thus forming a flap seal.

With all new systems we will examine your process carefully before submitting our recommendations. By choosing to work with us we guarantee you technical assistance throughout the purchasing, installation and initial production stages. We are absolutely committed to providing you with first class customer service. By building a relationship with our customers we hope to ensure their continual business.

We do not charge for site surveys or telephone support. If you have an enquiry we will happily follow it up with a site visit to assess your requirements