Hot Melt Adhesive Compatible Spares Example Savings

This month we are providing a breakdown of hot melt spares costs for a typical packaging customer. For this illustration we are assuming the customer has two production lines comprising the following Nordson® equipment.
  • Vista 3000 hot melt tanks
  • Heated hoses
  • H200 style application heads
  • H200 adjustable module AOSC
  • Screw on 16 thou nozzles
This is a very common setup for case/carton sealing. Below are listed the basic consumable spare parts we anticipate would be used over the course of a year. It is assumed the machines are in regular use and are serviced once a year minimum with ad-hoc spares replaced as required. This leads us to a conservative estimate as to their potential annual saving by switching to our own range of Nordson compatible spares.