Heated Hose Overview

Hot melt hoses are a vital part of any hot melt system. Their typical function is to transfer pressurised molten adhesive from the hopper to an application head.

Heated hoses are constructed using flexible tubing with a heater element wound along the entire length. This is then covered in insulation and abrasion resistant material. At either end of the hose is a mechanical coupling to connect the hose to the tank and application head. The temperature of the hose is measured by a sensor positioned part way along the hose, buried underneath the insulation. Accurate temperatures are maintained by use of electronic control circuitry.

Hints on prolonging the life of your heated hose
  1. Never use cable ties to secure heated hoses, there is a risk of damage to the heater element and wiring. Nylon straps are available which offer a degree of support without cutting in to the outer braiding and insulation
  2. Do not exceed the minimum bend radius for the hose
  3. When electrically disconnecting the hose always isolate the temperature zones first to ensure no current is flowing through the connector
  4. When coupling or uncoupling the mechanical fitting at either end of the hose it is important that there is sufficient heat in the fitting to allow it to turn without excessive force. Do not attempt to turn the fittings when cold as this risks damage
  5. Periodically check the hose for physical damage and replace as necessary
  6. Observe the maximum temperature and pressure ratings of your heated hose which should be clearly marked on the cuff
  7. Beware of heat build up, do not encase hoses in sealed trunking or conduits whereby heat can not escape
  8. If you have a faulty or damaged hose then we are able to offer a replacement at an excellent price. Universal Adhesive Systems stock a wide range of heated hoses for ITW Dynatec and Nordson hot melt systems, UK stock items are available for immediate despatch.

Please quote the part number which is visible on your hot melt hose’s cuff and we will provide you with full details on price and availability. If you are unable to locate or read the part number then please measure the hose length and tell us which hot melt tank it is connected to.

We are also able to supply custom hoses constructed to your exact requirements, contact us with your specification for a full quotation.