General Hot Melt Maintenance Tips

Always refer to the ITW manuals provided with the equipment for the correct and safe working procedures, extreme care should be taken and correct personal protective equipment used as hot melt glue equipment functions at high temperatures and pressures.

Due to the fact that different glues and applications warrant various preventative maintenance schedules, all maintenance tasks and breakdowns should be documented, this in time creates the preventative maintenance schedule and procedures, these could be daily/weekly/monthly/ annually etc.

Cleanliness is important for all applications
  • Glue storage and the loading of the hopper to prevent contamination and blockages
  • Equipment cleanliness is essential to aid good running conditions and enable visual checks
  • Care should be taken when changing adhesives to ensure the system is fully flushed. This will ensure that non-compatible adhesives do not mix and contaminate/block the system

Regular visual checks

  • Visually check for any damage to pipe work and cables, look for air / glue leaks
  • Within the glue melt unit check for glue leaks around pump area and any looseness of mechanical and electrical components
  • Air system filtration to be checked regularly, water in the air system causes component failure

System Maintenance

  • Periodically drain and check the hopper for cleanliness and inspect the strainer bar at the bottom of the melt area for blockages
  • Removal and replacement of glue line filters in the manifold block and glue head.
  • Pressure checks to glue tank manifold relief valve for operation and setting (safety factor)
  • System purging of glue and air to check for glue/air flow, module operation and nozzle condition
  • Resistance readings can be taken and documented of hose and head sensor and heating circuits this history is useful for predictive maintenance studies