Adhesive Options For The Print Industry

Here at Universal Adhesive Systems we have many years of experience in retrofitting adhesive equipment on to high speed print presses. Our systems are used in industry to lay down adhesive accurately at typical web speeds of 150-300 metres/minute. Below is a summary detailing some typical applications you might see our equipment being used for in printing and direct mail.

BF Micro Heads – create high speed intermittent dots, these small beads of adhesive are used to hold down insertions onto individual copies. Ideal for vouchers and peel off strips. Single port BF Micro head pictured right

BFS Spiral Spray Heads – give the user an adjustable spray pattern which is effective in flap sealing without excessive build up of adhesive. Produces a neat flap which is sealed effectively for mailing but opens smoothly for the recipient with no fibre tear

High Speed UFD – the ultimate solution for printing and direct mail. Delivers cross-web intermittent patterns with great accuracy. Multiple configurations are possible giving total flexibility to fold and glue at varying widths

By selecting the correct equipment and adhesive it is possible to create a product which looks visually appealing whilst meeting all criteria for efficient processing and sorting. Our systems are used to produce promotional material for many of the UK’s leading retailers.