Nordson® Compatible Spares

Nordson Compatible Spares

Nordson Compatible Spares Catalogue

Quality Nordson® Compatible Hot Melt Spare Parts At Low Prices
Universal Adhesive Systems are pleased to offer customers with Nordson systems the opportunity to purchase our own brand of compatible spares.
The hot melt spares market is traditionally very price-driven, and whilst we are confident that the prices of our compatible spares are lower than those of our competitors we are also proud that our Nordson spares are of an exceptionally high quality. We understand the critical nature of adhesive application production lines; our spares have been proven to be consistently reliable in highly demanding environments.

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All our spares are guaranteed for 1 year and are available for immediate despatch throughout the UK.

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Massive Savings On Your Maintenance Budget!! Why Pay More?
Our customers tell us that the parts we supply help them to save up to 50% on their consumable spares. They see no difference between the reliability of our parts vs. the OEM and therefore there is no justification in them spending more for a branded part. Throwaway spares such as nozzles, filters and basic modules can see a high turnover in modern production facilities such as food processing plants. Many of which are running 24/7 and need to keep a site stock of essential spares to prevent downtime on their machinery. We offer a free site survey to assess your needs and demonstrate the potential for savings with our product range.

Alternatives to Nordson® Parts
While we can offer many Nordson compatible parts we sometimes recommend a different solution that we feel could be more beneficial to your coating and application processes. We are happy to advise on Nordson alternatives, please use the contact form below (or call us) to find out more.

Not just Nordson®
In addition to stocking spare parts for Nordson machinery we also carry compatible spares for Robotec, Meltex, Slautterback and many other brands. If we can’t swiftly supply you with a spare to get you up and running we’ll be able to offer an alternative solution.