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Flexible Packaging Solutions

September 2014 Product Focus Through our partnership with ITW Dynatec we are able to offer a variety of tailored solutions for the packaging market. High performance and low total cost of ownership are two of the best reasons to purchase ITW Dynatec equipment. Pictured right is a BF Micro application head mounted horizontally to jet […]

Heated Hose Overview

April 2014 Product Focus Hot melt hoses are a vital part of any hot melt system. Their typical function is to transfer pressurised molten adhesive from the hopper to an application head. Heated hoses are constructed using flexible tubing with a heater element wound along the entire length. This is then covered in insulation and […]

Nordson Compatible Spares Catalogue Launched

January 2014 Product Focus In response to the increasing popularity of our Nordson compatible spares we have launched a new catalogue detailing our range of heated hoses, modules, nozzles, filters, supply units and other items. All spares are fully guaranteed for 1 year. The majority of spares are held for immediate dispatch. Please contact us […]