Nordson® Miscellaneous Spares

Nordson Compatible Spares Catalogue

Nordson® Compatible Hot Melt Spares – Heaters, Sensors And Cleaning Sundries
Our Nordson® compatible range also includes spare parts for application heads/guns such as heater elements and sensors. Spares can be fitted quickly as a direct replacement for the OEM part number.

Nordson spare parts

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The spares listed in the table below are just a selection of our full range. If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer services staff will be only too happy to help with your order.
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Nordson Part NumberDescriptionUniversal Part Number
938123Heater (D=3/8", L=34mm, 240V AC, 150W)UAS400
938053Heater (D=1/2", L=34mm, 240V AC, 200W)UAS401
274731 / 274783Ni120 SensorUAS402
30301024V DC SolenoidUAS403
77110824V DC SolenoidUAS404
Nozzle Cleaning Kit (0.25mm)UAS182
Nozzle Cleaning Kit (0.20mm)UAS183
Nozzle Cleaning Kit (0.15-0.40mm)UAS196
Hot Melt Remover/Cleaner (1 litre)SL0120