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Nordson Compatible Spares Catalogue

Nordson® Compatible Modules And Complete Guns At Unbeatable Prices
We offer a range of Nordson® modules and complete guns in stock for immediate delivery. Traditional modules such as the H200 utilise compressed air to open the module and allow adhesive to pass out of the nozzle. A spring is then used to close the module when the firing signal has been turned off.

Nordson compatible moduleMore recently modules have become smaller in size to allow fitting into restricted spaces. They also incorporate air open and air close technology which ensures a clean adhesive cutoff for fast intermittent applications.

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Nordson® Modules & Complete Guns

Nordson Part NumberDescriptionUniversal Part Number
153011H20 Module (High flow/high viscosity)UAS302
276119 / 326583H200 Module (SolidBlue, Classic Blue S)UAS303
117713H200 Module (Reduced Cavity .010)UAS307
117714H200 Module (Reduced Cavity .012)UAS308
117804H200 Module (Reduced Cavity .016)UAS309
117715H200 Module (Reduced Cavity .020)UAS310
H20-T (274702 / 815138)H20 Gun / Application Head (c/w module, req's nozzle & solenoid)UAS311
H201-T (273298)H201-T Gun / Application Head (c/w module, req's nozzle & solenoid)UAS312
274765AD31 Manual Handgun (c/w nozzle of your choice)UAS313
1052927SolidBlue ModuleUAS314
1051249MiniBlue ModuleUAS315