Nordson® Heated Hoses

Nordson Compatible Spares Catalogue

We supply a wide range of replacement heated hoses for Nordson® hot melt systems
Our heated hoses are both reliable and affordable. Don’t worry if you can’t find the hose you’re looking for here, we only list the most common hoses on our website. Simply contact us using the form at the foot of the page with your part number and we will provide a quotation. Part numbers are often found on the hose cuff or alternatively on a metallic band part way along the hose.

We also stock a full range of adaptors, supporting straps and fittings for use with heated hoses.

Start saving today! Our compatible hoses are typically half the OEM price with no reduction in quality…

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We have a choice of delivery options including a same day service for urgent breakdowns. Please call us if you need an instant response.
Standard Nordson® Heated Hoses

Nordson Part NumberDescriptionUniversal Part Number
107288 / 274791High Flex, 1.2M / 4ftGBP320
107286 / 274792High Flex, 1.8M / 6ftGBP321
107287 / 271793High Flex, 2.4M / 8ftGBP322
107289 / 271794High Flex, 3.0M / 10ftGBP323
107310 / 271795High Flex, 3.6M / 12ftGBP324
104008 / 271796High Flex, 4.8M / 16ftGBP325
100832 / 271797High Flex, 7.2M / 24ftGBP326
155183 / 276740Waterproof, 1.2M / 4ftGBP327
155184 / 276741Waterproof, 1.2M / 4ftGBP328
155185 / 276742Waterproof, 1.2M / 4ftGBP329
155186 / 276743Waterproof, 1.2M / 4ftGBP330
155187 / 143300Waterproof, 1.2M / 4ftGBP331
155188 / 276744Waterproof, 1.2M / 4ftGBP322