ITW Dynatec Filters

Original ITW Dynatec parts direct from the official UK distributor.  High quality filters are crucial for removing contaminants that can cause blockages in your hot melt adhesive systems.

Part NumberDescription
10124640 Mesh Basket Filter
101247100 Mesh Basket Filter
069X058'O' Ring Filter Cap (Standard Cap)
N03812'O' Ring Filter Cap (Large Cap)
101840Pressure Relief Valve
07.41200.501Fine Filter (BF Head)
07.41200.502Course Filter (BF Head)
N00186'O' Ring Filter Cap (BF Head)
50.F6001.100Fine Filter (BF Micro Head)
50.F6002.100Course Filter (BF Micro Head)
50.P8850.100'O' Ring Filter Cap (BF Micro Head)