New Laboratory Adhesive Coater

December 2014 Product Focus

Hot Melt Adhesive Coater LaminatorUniversal Adhesive Systems Ltd are proud to announce the arrival of a new adhesive coating machine for their laboratory/test facility. The custom built machine is capable of applying hot and cold adhesives to a variety of substrates at speeds up to 100 metres per minute. The CL350 coating machine was built in the United Kingdom by our sister company Universal Converting Equipment Ltd. It features full web tension control and multiple webpath options. As well as conventional coating and laminating the machine can also be used to apply adhesive using a range of different technologies including non-contact spray, jetting and intermittent dots.

The new coater enhances our ability to provide working demonstrations of the ITW Dynatec range as well as enabling potential customers to prove their process before developing projects further. One of the key benefits of this machine is it’s flexibility; adhesive application heads can be mounted in a number of different positions and configurations without affecting the quality of the finished reel. The CL350 also comes with a modular hot melt coating station, this showcases our ability to deliver a continuous smooth coating of hot melt adhesive and has been designed to retrofit to existing machinery. The hot melt coating station is a fully integrated stepper controlled hot melt die capable of being controlled via touchscreen HMI.


Our laboratory can be used by customers old and new to develop their production and experiment 20150105_123956with different application methods. For all enquiries please contact +44 (0)1327 700222 or alternatively