Project Solutions

We can help solve all of your application problems from project conception through to installation and commissioning
By choosing us as your partner we can help you specify the correct adhesive and application equipment:

  • We will work with you from the early stages of your project to ensure all of your questions are answered
  • Our expertise is applied to the overall process – not just the adhesive application.
  • We liaise with machine builders and adhesive suppliers to ensure the total package is fit for purpose and achieves all of your objectives
  • We provide unlimited technical support throughout the lifespan of your system


Introduction To Hot Melt Adhesives

An adhesive is a material which is used to bond two substrate surfaces together, either as a permanent or non-permanent bond. Hot-melt adhesives are basically a form of solvent free thermoplastics, applied in a molten state. Hot melt adhesives are generally in a solid stable state at room temperature. At temperatures above approximately 60 degrees...

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Laboratory Facility

We have a full laboratory and test facility at our Daventry headquarters Our coater/laminator can handle 75mm cores up to 300mm wide. We offer all prospective customers the opportunity to come and spend a day in our lab to see exactly how our products and expertise could be applied. We also provide contract coating and...

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Project Enquiry

Please complete the following form to enable us to follow up your project enquiry:

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