Low Volume Melters

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Our range of hot melt tanks starts from 5KG, the following melters have hopper capacities up to 90KG.


Dynamelt Simplicity adhesive melter

Dynamelt Simplicity

Dynamelt Simplicity
The Dynamelt Simplicity is easier to use, easier to install and simpler to maintain than any other hot melt adhesive supply unit on the market.  In an efficient and profitable production environment the Dynamelt Simplicity is the smart choice.

Dynamelt Simplicity Quick Specs

  • 4kg to 16kg adhesive hopper capacity
  • 25-50 lb/hr melt rate
  • 2, 4 or 6 hose / head output zones
  • 10°C to 232°C (50°F to 450°F) operating temperature

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S Series adhesive hopper

Version 6 S Series tank

S Series – with hopper sizes from 5-45KG and a wide range of pump options the S Series can be configured to your exact requirements: The S Series was updated in 2012 which saw the launch of the Version 6 Next Generation Melter. The S Series is used in a huge range of industries.

S Series Quick Specs

  • 10-100 lb adhesive hopper capacity
  • 23-90 lb/hr melt rate
  • 2, 4, or 6 heated hot melt hose outputs
  • Available with gear or piston pump

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D Series melter

D Series – the D Series has the ability to split flows from the hopper and independently control adhesive output using multiple gear pumps: The D Series can purchased in 25-90KG hopper sizes. Each gear pump can be supplied as single or dual output giving you the ability to independently control up to eight hose outlets. Precision gear pumps are available for high accuracy adhesive metering.

D Series Quick Specs

  • 50-90 lb adhesive hopper capacity
  • 50-130 lb/hr melt rate
  • 1-6 heated hot melt hose outputs
  • Available with gear pump

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PUR Bag melter

PUR Bag Melter – the DynaMelt PUR provides gentle melting of reactive adhesives in either 2Kg or 20Kg metalized Mylar bags: Designed to meet the unique needs of melting PUR hot melt adhesives ensuring a clean operation with virtually no adhesive residue waste.

PUR Bag Melter Quick Specs

  • PUR hotmelt does not require unpacking, it is simply melted out of its bag packaging
  • Gentle melting of PUR hotmelts with no metallic packaging
  • Gear pumps can accommodate any adhesive viscosity

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