M Series – High Volume Supply Tank

High volume adhesive melters

Melt-On-Demand Hopper Capacities From 35KG – 280KG & Up To 8 Precision Gear Pumps


The Dynamelt M Series hot melt adhesive supply units (ASU) are computer-controlled hot-melt supply units designed on metric standards. Their control panels provide comparative data of all set points, motors and system parameters on a few convenient, comprehensive display screens.

Key Features:

• Up to 4 separate adjustable melting stages
• Melts only the adhesive demanded for the application, virtually eliminating char
• Four hopper sizes available in single and dual configurations
• Additional melt grids can be added to meet additional adhesive volume requirements
• Durable precision gear pumps

The Dynamelt/DynaControl system provides accurate, proportionate temperature control for the hopper, hoses and applicators. Sequential heating delays may be programmed for turn-on of the hose and heads.

With these flexible temperature programming features, the Dynamelt system increases adhesive life by eliminating prolonged high adhesive temperatures. It reduces energy consumption and brings the system up to normal operating temperatures in the shortest possible time.

Hot-Melt Adhesive Melting System

  • First-in First-out melting process
  • Adhesive degradation is virtually eliminated
  • Adhesive charring is virtually eliminated
  • Smoke/fumes are virtually eliminated
  • Extends adhesive life and performance
  • 7 year Melt-On-Demand grid warranty
  • Additional melt grids can be added upon request
  • Durable precision gear pumps

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