LC Series – Higher volume supply tank

Hot Melt adhesive supply unit Dynamelt LC Series.

Hot Melt adhesive supply unit Dynamelt LC Series.

Large capacity Hot Melt Adhesive Supply

Hot Melt Adhesive supply unit (ASU) is dictated by two key factors: melt rate and pump rate. ITW Dynatec has focussed on both of these factors when developing the Dynamelt LC series, resulting in a hot melt adhesive supply unit capable of consistently reliable output.  The LC series ASU is a large capacity adhesive supply tank with a sophisticated ‘multiple stage’ melt-on-demand system.

The Dynamelt™ LC Series key features:

  • Multiple temperature control zones
  • Anodized hopper, impregnated with Teflon
  • Superior melt rate facilitated by multiple melter grid rows
  • Maximum pump output rate of 900kg per hour
  • Allen-Bradley controls
  • Variable pump sizes
  • Optional 7-day scheduler


LC Series brochure

Reasons to choose the ITW Dynatec LC Series ASU

Largest internal surface area of any melter in its class.
Consistent high-volume hot melt adhesive output is dictated by two factors: the amount surface area within the tank and the wattage of the melter.  The ITW Dynatec LC Series has a larger internal surface area in relation to wattage than any other melter of this size and class.

Efficient melting for reduced waste.
Unlike some competitive equipment the LG Series only melts the amount of adhesive required for the job in hand.  ITW Dynatec’s patented melt-on-demand system uses multiple vertical unheated hoppers, these hoppers only melt the adhesive needed for your application.  By ensuring un-needed adhesive is kept at a lower temperature (sometimes even solid) the LG Series greatly reduces waste while ensuring that your application has the adhesive it needs, when it needs it.  By only melting the adhesive you require the LG Series can start work fast, with precisely controlled viscosity, lower energy usage and reduced fumes.

Dynamelt LC Series specifications

Hopper capacity498kg464kg396kg
Operating temperature93° to 232° C93° to 232° C93° to 232° C
Melt rate (per hour)55 - 182kg per hour55 - 272kg per hour55 - 453kg per hour
Control systemAllen-Bradley ControlLogix® w/ Panelview
1000+ Color HMI
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix® w/ Panelview
1000+ Color HMI
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix® w/ Panelview
1000+ Color HMI
Number of pumps1 - 41 - 41 - 4
Available pump sizesEach pump up to 45ccEach pump up to 45ccEach pump up to 45cc

Optional accessories

  • Automatic Level Control
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Line Speed Tracking
  • Adhesive Fill Ball Valves
  • Optional Control Schemes
  • 7-Day Scheduler
  • Pneumatic Clutches