GC Series – Highest volume supply tank

Hot Melt Adhesive - high volume melter

Hot Melt Adhesive - high volume melterThe Dynamelt™ GC Series (3160) adhesive supply unit is the largest capacity melter in the ITW Dynatec family, offering maximum adhesive output.  Managed by Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLCs and controlled by colour touchscreen HMIs the GC series is simple to operate and reliably efficient in any production environment.  Load Cells provide instant feedback to the controls system, ensuring maximum accuracy in all aspects of the melting and supply processes.

Hot Melt Adhesive safety, and increased efficiency

The ITW Dynatec Dyanamet GC series is fitted with sophisticated back-up safety and alarm systems, almost entirely eradicating charring of adhesives and polymers.  Combined with the patented melt-on-demand grid melting system the Dynamelt hot melt adhesive supply unit (ASU) starts all jobs swiftly and safely.

The adhesive melting grid configuration in the Dynamelt GC series saves money by melting the correct amount of adhesive needed for your application, rather than melting the entire tank of adhesive.  This innovative system greatly reduces wasted adhesive; heating zones within the melter are so precise that (if required) portions of adhesive can be maintained at low temperatures while other zones are heated to the required melting temperature.  This system gives the GC series a very short ‘warm up’ time, this is a bulk adhesive melting and supply system that can effortlessly react to a swiftly changing production environment.


GC Series brochure


Hopper capacity680kg
Operating temperature93° to 232°C
Melt rate (per hour)*635kg per hour
Control systemAllen-Bradley ControlLogix® w/ Panelview
1000+ Color HMI
Number of pumps1 - 4
Available pump sizes**Each pump up to 93cc
Pump pressure releaseNormal range 0 to 1,000 psi (0 to 70 bar)
Electrical requirements240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 ph, 120 amp
130,000+ watts heating
*Melt rates vary with adhesive type and form.
**May vary with specific gravity.