ADS1 – Bulk Adhesive Delivery Systems

ADS1 Bulk Adhesive Supply SQUARE

ADS1 Bulk Adhesive Supply

The ITW Dynatec ADS1 adhesive delivery system automatically replenishes hot melt units. Adhesive is automatically maintained at the desired level in your hot melt equipment, triggered by a low level indicator that activates positive pressure suction from the source container.

ADS1 Adhesive Delivery System advantages:

  • Virtually eliminates system contamination
  • Automates filling of your hot melt unit
  • Eradicates nozzle plugging
  • Removes the need for an operator to be present in the hot melt supply unit area
  • Reliable on-demand greatly reduces the risk of ‘thermal shock’ in the hot melt system

Hot melt adhesive supply units (ASUs) traditionally require frequent re-filling.  If an operator fails to keep the hot melt unit adequately filled then the supply will likely be disrupted.  The end result is production downtime while your employees wait for the adhesive hopper to return to setpoint.

Installation of a HF Hopper feeder system reduces all of the above problems. The result is lower repair costs and higher production rates.

The ADS1 DynaFill™ utilizes an air venturi-activated suction to pick up the solid hot melt adhesive from a bulk container and convey it by air pressure to the hopper.

  • Easily integrated into most standard ITW Dynatec and competitive hot melt units.
  • Minimises adhesive contamination for increased uptime.
  • On-Demand adhesive replenishment saves operator time and prevents thermal shock to the adhesive.
  • Automatically feeds hot melt units up to 20 feet vertically and 100 feet horizontally.

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