UFD – Fiberized Spray

UFD - Fiberized Spray adhesive applicator

The UFD family of hot melt applicators uses ITW Dynatec’s patented Uniform Fiber Deposition and Lamiated Plate Technology (UFD/LPT) to provide between 20 and 60% adhesive savings over spiral spray or melt-blown techniques due to larger, more controlled adhesive filament. UFD™ fiberized spray technology from ITW Dynatec is also less expensive in the long run over conventional coating and laminating techniques.

The video below illustrates the unique spray pattern on a moving substrate:

The High Speed UFD head can be configured to achieve complex adhesive patterning at extremely high speeds. The video below is a slowed down lab test for demonstration purposes:

The High Speed UFD head is extremely versatile; it can also be operated in continual mode to provide an all-over coating of adhesive for lamination. The following video shows a High Speed UFD head used in continual mode.

It is is also possible to set the High Speed UFD head to fire jets of adhesive to form individual lines or beads of hot melt.