UFD AutoElite

UFD AutoElite adhesive spray application

UFD AutoElite adhesive spray applicationPremium, high-Performance nozzle technology with imProved sprayability of higher viscosity adhesives and excellent Pattern consistency, optimised for automotive decor and Profile laminations using PUR adhesives.

Perfect adhesive distribution within the nozzle resulting in less plugging and increased nozzle lifetime

Homogenous spray pattern with good start and stop performance and perfect edge definition eliminating read-through effects

ITW Dynatec’s ufd® AutoElite nozzle series is optimised for high-flow Pur spray application inside the automotive décor lamination. Available in single or dual row design AutoElite shows a perfect homogenous and dense spray pattern with distinct start and stop performance and good side edge definition.

The dual row version of AutoElite is the ideal solution for applications that are running at parameters like, viscosity, flow rate and robot speed, in the upper operating window. The total flat orifice design and non-protruding clamping plates allow easy cleaning and prevent plugging; resulting in increased on-time and improved nozzle lifetime. The homogenous distribution across the nozzle ensures a high fluid velocity and optimises the adhesive flow for a wide range of higher viscosity adhesives such as polyolefins, aPaos and reactive hot melts (Pur).


  • Adhesive flow optimisation with computational fluid dynamics (cfd) modelling
  • Optimised spray pattern for automotive décor lamination
  • Eliminating read-through effects
  • Better consistency and high-quality of end-product
  • Robust internal plate design to better withstand handling and maintenance
  • Easy cleaning due to a total flat orifice design
  • Increased line on-time when using Pur adhesives due to reduced nozzle plugging