Hot melt adhesive piston pump unit

The Dynapack is a plug and play replacement piston pump unit compatible with up to 4 Nordson® hoses and heads. The hose connections and footprint mountings are compatible with Nordson® models 2300, 3100, 3400, 3500, and ProBlue® melters. Our Dynapack adhesive supply unit uses an extremely dependable, constant-pressure piston pump. The air operated pump insures a high pressure adhesive output from a low pressure, compressed air input.

Dynapack offers a great value alternative to replacing a complete Nordson® system:

  • Simply disconnect and remove the old Nordson® unit
  • Plug in the Dynapack unitDynaPack
  • Connect your existing Nordson® hoses and heads
  • Switch the Dynapack unit on and enter your temperature settings
  • Your system is ready to use!

The Dynapack features an icon based user interface designed to aide day to day operation. For simplicity of use and value for money the Dynapack is an extremely competitive melter.

Please click below for further details on the Dynapack.

Dynatec brochure



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