Equity – Continuous Application

Equity – Continuous Application for hot melt adhesive

Equity-Slot-ApplicatorThe Equity C applies a continual all-over coating of adhesive with a high level of accuracy across the web.

Depending on the configuration selected it is possible to coat from 100mm-1000mm.

Our easy-cut shims are designed to save you money with the ability to cut to size without special tools. A choice of separate glue inputs for each modular section or one common glue input for the entire applicator provides flexibility.

A brochure for the Equity C application head can be downloaded here:

Equity brochure


Technical Spec:

Mounting M8 screws with insulators
Application width in 50mm increments 100mm to 900mm (4-36 in.)
Body construction coated aluminum
Slot die construction D2 hardened steel
Solenoid tube mounted
Filtration filter manifold optional
Operating temperature range 38 C to 200 C (100 F to 390 F)
Warm-up time 20 minutes for cold start / 1 minute for module change only
Adhesive viscocity 100 to 40,000 mPa (100 to 40,000 centipoise)
Adhesive pressure range 7 bar (100 psi) to 68 bar (1000 psi)
Air pressure range 5 to 9 bar (74 to 125 psi)
Supply voltage 200-240 VAC/ 1p/ 50-60 Hz with 24 VDC control voltage
Control zones as specified, 2400W maximum depending on temperature control unit