Compatible Spares Example Savings

February 2015 Product Focus

Nordson H200 jetting head for flap seal

Does your Nordson kit look like this? Call us now for spares!

This month we are providing a breakdown of hot melt spares costs for a typical packaging customer. For this illustration we are assuming the customer has two production lines comprising the following Nordson® equipment:

  • Vista 3000 hot melt tanks
  • Heated hoses
  • H200 style application heads
  • H200 adjustable module AOSC
  • Screw on 16 thou nozzles

This is a very common setup for case/carton sealing. Below are listed the basic consumable spare parts we anticipate would be used over the course of a year. It is assumed the machines are in regular use and are serviced once a year minimum with ad-hoc spares replaced as required. This leads us to a conservative estimate as to their potential annual saving by switching to our own range of Nordson compatible spares.

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Nordson® Part NumberUniversal Part NumberDescriptionAnnual Quantity UsedEstimated Annual Saving vs. OEM
274578GBP387Tank Filter Screen4£50.00+
1007037GBP422100 Mesh Saturn® In-Line Filter (2 pack)4 packs£50.00+
276119 / 326583GBP303H200 Modules2£80.00+
237008 / 322416GBP342.016 Single Nozzle8£300.00+
107286 / 274792GBP3211.8M (6FT) High Flex Heated Hose1£425.00+
938123GBP400150W heater1£70.00+
274731 / 274783GBP402Ni120 Sensor/RTD Kit1£40.00+

Total annual saving £1015.00 minimum based on the above specification

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