Electronic Heads

Cold glue application head


Electronic heads are suitable for high speed intermittent applications.

Dynacold F – two millisecond cycle time, adhesive pressures to 600PSI (40 bar), fluid viscosities to 6000 centipoise

The Dynacold F is a robust, stainless steel applicator which features modular components allowing for simplified maintenance. Its design and construction makes the Dynacold extremely resistant to corrosion and very easy to modify to your chosen application. The modular nozzle can be configured for contact and non-contact applications, nozzles are also available in multiple orifices

Dynacold Mini – 100 million+ cycles between applicator rebuilds, two millisecond cycle time

The Dynacold Mini is a smaller, lightweight version of the highly successful Dynacold applicator. It retains all of the features of its larger sibling while providing more flexible installation options. Ideally suited for installations with restricted space